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About Us: 

L.A.M.B’s Place is more than affordable housing, it is about coming along side these young people and supporting their journey as they grow in their relationship with the Lord and learn the plans He has for them.  We want to support them as they reach their God given potential and become the next change agents for Christ.

L.A.M.B’s Place offers:

  • Affordable/transitional housing for youth 18-25 years old.   Our heart is to have a home for males, females, and young mothers/expecting mothers.  ​


  • Weekly house meetings to support budgeting skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills, to include an optional devotion time after the meeting each week.


  • Support their development of transitional living skills by linking to community resources. This skill development will support their housing, educational, and employment goals. 

  • To build relationships with the youth and help them to build their social support system through the  Journey Partners mentoring program .  

Meet the Board: 



Lauren Anzelone


Assistant Director 

Lydia Luck



Mandi Shelp

Mission Statement:

To prevent and end youth homelessness by providing affordable transitional housing while empowering them to reach their God given potential through the love of Christ.

Vision Statement:
Building the Kingdom by building the foundation for youth to reach their God given potential.  



Kim Jones


Member at Large

Brittany Bradford

What gets us exited about L.A.M.B's Place: 

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